Goyatla (The Last Battle) - text

The sun is dying
In a sea of burning clouds
The last sunset in the sky of fathers
Goodbye my brother horse
Here I set you free
There are no prairies to run
Where I will go

Even the eagle knows
When it's time to fly away
To the highest peak
And close its eyes forever

Even the river knows
When it is time to fall
In the roary ocean
And end its run forever

Even Goyatla knows
There will be no more battles

I was born on the prairies where
The wind blew free and there was nothing
To break the light of the sun
I was born where there were no enclosures
The sacred circle is now broken
The rifle lies in the dust
Dropped by a tired hand

Face of stone
Sculptured by the wind
Mirror eyes
A vision of the end
Mystic mind
The cry of the land
But the battle you fought
Was the last

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