(I Miss You) Like The Sunshine - text

Sittin' here alone, staring at the rain
Like teardrops falling on my window pane
And I'm thinking of what we've done all those years
Memories in my mind, I'm holding back the tears

But one day, I woke up in the morning sun
One day, I remember how it all begun
I miss you, so come and blow the clouds away
Need you so true, 'cause baby ...

I miss you like the sunshine in the rain
I miss you like the sunshine, on a cloudy day
(And) if it's raining sometimes, sometimes
(Just) let the sunshine in
(Ohh) let the sunshine in

Looking back to when, our love was so new
Pictures in my mind, so beautiful and true
If I can make a wish, I pray you're still mine
Could it really be, that
You'll come back in time

But one day, I hope that you can find me
One day, a love that lasts eternally
I miss you, cause you are everything to me
Need you so true, 'cause baby ...

I miss you ...

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