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Everyone lives, but not everyone truly dies
While they're still alive and survive
Without anything to lose, I don't care what will happen to me
I climb through this dirty window of opportunity

I feel a change of heart
From the pain of a heartbreaking loss
I hear awful sounds crying out
I feel my heart breaking loose

I cast away at my own will, to mourn alone across the sea
It may never feel good, it may never feel right
But it seemed like a good idea at the time

I don't want praise for going away, it draws attention to my loss
But drink alone for me while I am gone, We'll together again when I come home

I feel my heart breaking away,
From the pain of a heartbreaking loss
I hear the awful howl come ripping from my mouth
I feel my heart breaking loose...

Disconnect and disassociate yourself from everything and everyone you know.
Just let go. Go. Don't look back, and see where it takes you. After a year has passed you might feel good enough to come home, or there's the excitement that you may leave and just stay, and never come home again, either way, you'll be glad you did it. Having left and gone from being able to decide for yourself after you've done your time.
They say that time heals all wounds, well this is a good way to spend that time, what better way to distract yourself from sadness than to fully obligate your crisis to the point where it becomes about survival, making it a total mindfuck about the fact that it's allowing you to erase your memory and deprogram yourself and rebuild somewhere in the abyss.
Surrendering all control and familiarity, boldly going into the unknown, focusing on your voluntary deportation from your own home, you know you have to go, flights are running on time, ask yourself the question "Can you get here in ten days?"
"Yes I can!"

It's time to cross the ocean... and dive, into exile!

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