Child of the Moon - text

Moon child come from afar
Never knowing where you really are
Shattered sky and the lightning shun
Electrify the minds of everyone
All our thoughts are yours as well
Listen closely to the voice which tells
You've succumb to carnal desire
As each one sparks another fire

Deep in you… Can you feel it? Yes we can.

A cloaked figure moving slowly close
From the dead you have arose
Initiation of a mystic path
Numbers always mean much more than math
Yes we can do this work for you
Just tell us what we have to do
If you shed blood in its name
Will it ever be the same again?

(It’s…) Deep in you… Can you feel it? Yes we can.

Can you sense its touch?
Can you feel the clutch?
If it’s all too much for you…
Is it too late to walk away?
And though you’d like to go
You can’t with all you know
Inside it’s only fear that grows
And it’s got a strangle hold... Oh….

(It’s…) Deep in you… Can you feel it? Yes we can.

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