I'm Only Human - text

Somehow I knew you'd just slipped off the ring
When you walked up and pulled up a chair next to me
You told me your name with your hand on my knee
Boy what are you doin'

I've known some pretty wild men in my life
Take it from me honey you ain't that type
I'm doin' my best here to do what is right
But I'm only human

Ever admitted you're hangin' around
The lonely in me keeps on
Wearin' me down
If you only knew what I'm
Thinkin' right now
Boy you're makin' me crazy
I'm wantin' you baby what are you doin' I'm only human

Boy you're makin' me crazy
I'm wantin' you baby
What are we doin' I'm only human

So reach in them jeans Boy
and put on that ring
The one that you think
you've been hidin' from me
If you don't mind would you
Hurry up please
I'm only human
Boy I'm only human

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