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Black Parade - text

Autumn leaves are dead
Like a fire, I will burn at best
All the rides are gone
As a child, I would wash in red

Don't stop my head from falling

All my friends, I am lost
Has the grave won again?
All my friends, I forgot
How to be her again
I can't be what you lost
I can't be what you lost
Black parade, I give in
I will hang from within

Throw me to the depths
To the water, I will sink like lead
All these words, I've failed
To try and keep you here in my bed

Don't stop my head from falling


Somehow days don't look the same
Tell the race I can not stay
Fill our bed with what you will
Feel the raging push and pull
Shouldn't I wait to hold your gaze
Wrong the rights we never made

I'm closing out and falling


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