The Portrait - text

You know I'm standing here today.
You know that I can't get away.
I'm staring at you,
Staring like a little child.
If you only knew what he loved most,
You would have seen his tears.
You had no choice,
Just responded to your fears.

Now you're gone and time passed by.
But there's still something on my mind.
Can you tell me, I just want to know...

Will they be together,
Or are they lost forever,
Will they be together now?
Are they here to stay,
Or will they fade away?
The painting still remains the same.

I see the colors in your eyes,
I see the colors in your smile.
And I wonder,
Where does your heart lie?

He stroke away your life,
And there for lost his wife.

But will he ever loose your love, again.
The feeling still remains the same.

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