The Earth Is The Sky - text

Cross the waters of tragedy.
These desolated seas.
Never wait and wonder.
No more fear of the deep.

Conquering its serpents.
Demons gathered by time.
Rise above the sorrow.
Frozen in my mind.

As I feel I'm drowning.
I lift my soul from the sea.
Might the ice beneath my feet melt.
Just above the water, I'll fly.

My earth is the sky.
Stride one the air with me.
For my time will come.

Come with me.
Leave the world below.
Meet me on my quest.
The earth is the sky.

Should you feel you're drowning.
Lift you soul from the sea to the sky.
Might the ice beneath your feet melt.
Just above the water you'll fly.
Now our time has come...

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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