The Realms Of Reverie - text

Close my eyes and cast away the ties that bind me here
Churning vortex iris colors circle into one
Declining always further into the mind's eye of the seer
Foreteller of confusion coalesce my darkest fear

A darkened shrine,
Sacred to me,
Dreams intertwine,
This darkened shrine,
Sacred to me,
Inside my mind

Coalesce my darkest fear

Whispering the dead
Darkness comes to me
Madness fills my head
Blackened reverie
Can you free this nightmare from my mind?
Twisted thoughts of malice beckon me
Never leaving past mistakes behind
Longing for the dead to set me free

Seduction of the darkside leaves me withering and cold
Spellbound by her beauty I am breathless and alone
In ancient tears I'm drowning as I start to lose my hold
Whispering to me that my fortunes been fortold

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