Our Ages Of Our Hearts - text

And I thought
I thought we had a love
That was true
A love we shared
Between me and you

We live to see
Each other everyday
And we thought
Oh, thought the same silly way

But now I find
According to society
That our ages, yeah, ages
Must keep us apart

Oh, my darling
What will it be
You tell me, darling, won't you tell me
Will it be our ages
Our ages or our hearts

Yeah, darling, tell me
What will it be
According to society, no
I want you to tell me
What will it be
Our ages or our hearts
Tell me, tell me, baby
What will it be
Our ages or our hearts, oh yeah
Our hearts, won't you tell me
Our ages, no
It's gonna be our hearts
Oh, tell me, baby
What's gonna be
Think of our love we share
Our ages or our hearts

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