Mr. Heartbreak - text

Mr. Heartbreak, Mr. Teardrops
And Mr. Loneliness
They know I can't go to the party
Cause everybody's got a date but me
They'll be having a good time
But am I having any company?

Mr. Heartbreak, Mr. Teardrops
And Mr. Loneliness
All the three will begin with me

I have been dressed up and ready for hours
He was supposed to be here by eight
But even if he doesn't show up
I'll have a very happy time
With Mr. Heartbreak, Mr. Teardrops
Hmmmm... Mr. Loneliness
And I know, I know
They won't make me wait

Now I know you'll show up at the party
And with another girl one day I know
Oh, but tonight, tonight
I won't be lonely
Caused the breaks many times before

There's Mr. Heartbreak and Mr. Teardrops
Oh and Mr. Loneliness
All are waiting
Yes, they're waiting

I think I hear them
I hear them knocking
I hear them knocking, yes
Knocking now and break the door
Come on in...

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