Shattered Like Glass - text

Hanging from a noose
Wrapped tightly around my neck
The sentence passed in haste
The verdict incorrect

Hangman ties the blindfold
Life flashes before my eyes
I speak my last words
Why must I die?

Trapped here in this bedroom
As the cancer eats away at me
Each and every day, I am withering away
Undergoing chemotherapy

Disease consumes my body
The cure consumes my mind
Put me out of my misery
Just let me die

Screams of the dying
The silence of the dead
You won't last
Shattered like glass


Screams of the dying
The silence of the dead
Nothing lasts
Shattered like glass

Thrown through the front window
A thousand sudden lacerations
Injured and disfigured
Life becomes damnation

Cornered like an animal
I struggle to break free
Cannot face the horror
Of my own mortality

We are falling into early graves

Help me, I am dying
And I cannot see the light
Icy hands of death reach out
And pull me into the night

Nothing ever lasts
You won't last
The long silence begins
You've been shattered

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