Honeybee - text

Seen the shadow on my wall
Turn and fall
On broken hands and all
Turn and crawl
Seen that sun gone down
And the waterfall

She stood tall in the fallen rain
Right off an orphan train
She'll run to me again,
I believed,
See how wrong, how wrong you can be.

I know who watches you,
but who watches me?
I know who hears you,
who hears me?
If my eyes blind,
who'll see the best in me?

I hear all the lonely cries
Underneath all these lies
She can't get them by,
or through me.
See how wrong, wrong you can be.

My honeybee,
Why are you flyin' so far from me?
She keeps her hands so free,
and walks through me.

Straight on through the dead of night
Her face is painted white
by these street lights.
They hold you down so tight
And like hounds they bite.

She fell down in her diamond suit
On lonely avenue, her color's only blue
She won't take clues,

See how wrong, how wrong you can be.
My honeybee
What on earth are you tryin' to be?

And where that hero falls, I held on.
I always thought I'd see the lights close on me
and the water freeze, surrounding me.

Look how wrong you can be.
My honeybee
Why are you flyin' so far from me?

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