Always Unprotected - text

Countless nights getting twisted
Extreme illicit substance inhalation.
Fuck...I'm crazing some penetration
Because hoes, let me tell you,
I do it unprotected like its my occupation,
And gaurenteed
Your pucking up your lips for a spraying.
Fresh shave on my piece, babe I'm always ready,
But just cause we fucked a few time doesn't mean we're going steady.
I have too much much womanizing on my agenda,
I really respect a true anal freak,
To satisfy my needs,
When your around me you know its time to get on your knees.
I like it raw and dirty,
And when I see you acting flirty,
I know its time for you to hop on.
Craving satisfaction of a different kind,
If you only knew the thoughts inside my mind.
My killer instinct awakes.
Forceful anal intercourse,
Rupturing the bowel,
Ass to mouth,
Your blood must taste so foul

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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