Vorpal Nomad - text

Lost in the ocean of ice
The first born demigod lays in silent
Made from the very first sound
A universal giant

The iron temple I found
To set free the mighty spirit of sound
A new era of endless power
The new wave sons crier

Destroyer hear our call
We're the ones holding the sound

Deceiver hear our call
Set us free and reclaim your fire crown

Here comes the outcry
Here comes the wind
Mighty giant set us free
Vorpal nomad fire eyes
Be the one to conquer the sky

Time shifter ultra men
Made of antimatter and hate
Walk the surface of the sun
And harness all is mighty roar

Set free the four winds of the world
A new race of soulless sons
Bring about the end of the world
The elemental comes

Text přidal paja65

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