My Sea - text

Here's the world I swore wasn't woman.
Here's the world that mirrors my night.
Here's the world I scream where you were.
Here's the world that might hurt my eyes.

Here's the world that sees to be opened up.
Here's the world that treasures its light.
Here's the world that sinks as I tuck you for miles.

Since fourteen I've swam through your
night still as sweet, sweet sea.
Now I've flung from the depths of your black sun.
My sea. My sea. So sweet.

The sea. Such peace with the wind
there carrying me deep.
The sea. Such peace.
The sea is there for my eyes.

An oyster makes its way to the
palm of my hand. "Toss it back".

My Sea.

This world misfires its ice and its
trees are as high as they can grow.
The sea is my own machine in fact
and its magic is fire to my soul.

My Sea.

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