Wakin on a Pretty Day - text

Wakin, the dawn of day
And I gotta think about
What I wanna say
Phone ringing off the shelf
I guess it wanted to kill himself
Wakin on a pretty day
Don't know why I ever go away
It's hard to explain
My love, in this daze

You could say I been most all around
But honey I ain't goin nowhere
Don't worry bout a thing
It's only dying
I live along a straight line
Nothing always comes to mind
To be frank, I'm fried
But I don't mind

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah (x3)

Been diggin layin low, low, low
I'm diggin layin low, low, low
Dig, dig in...
To these lives that we are living in
Living low, lackadaisically so

Risin at the crack of dawn
And I gotta think about
What wisecracks
I'm going to drop along the way (today)
Phone ringin off the shelf
I guess somebody had somethin they
Really wanted to prove to us (today)
Yeah, I'm waking on a pretty day
Floating in place, no need sayin nothin
To explain it to my loved ones

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Wakin on a Pretty Daze

Kurt Viletexty

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