Shadow - text

Glow,absent sun
Throw your final light of hope,
I will quench it anyway.
Some will leave and some will stay,
but most important; they will submit to change.

The sky is darker than it has ever been.
A massive night has condensed.
You think that everything will turn and be alright.
But where you are wrong, i am right.
That's why i must come back.

I know that I can change you,it's in my hands.
This is our doom and I won't let you live in uncertainty.
For as long as you exist, I will never get what i want.
Therefore I choose to suffer,and so should you.

There will inevitably be resistance,I know this all too well.
I have been here before,you shut your eyes and ignore all my words.
I am talking to deaf ears,but mark my words.
You will never see the light of day.
No one can save you now.

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