The Madman Inside - text

You thought you had left me
Far behind
But I am so close, I can ever get
Without touch your skin
Like a fly on the wall
I'm watching you

The breathings in the phone
You never hear a word
The scratching on your window
The shade beside your way
That's the little man inside me
And I just obey

My senses tell me to
Just leave it
But the little man urge me on and on
Closer, closer
She is just confused
And she don't know what's her best

Why are you screaming?
You know, I will always love you
I will never hurt you, no
I scare you, you say
But please believe it's not me
It's the little man inside my head

Madman, Madman, Madman, Madman
There's a madman inside me
There's a madman inside
You have to set him free
There's a madman inside
A madman inside me
He won't let me be

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