Holy Spirit - text

Kumbaya, my lord
On the banks of old Lake Bistineau
Beneath the cypress and the moss
We hammered and we nailed
To build a raft to get across
And late at night by the fire
We sang kumbaya
And the spirit, the holy spirit was flowing...

Twilight time, New York City
Descending subway stairs
A man whistling out of tune
Paid a dollar for my fare
And we got on the same train going uptown down the tracks
And we sang out of tune to the clackity clack clack
And the spirit, the holy spirit was flowing...

I have seen it on a mountaintop
I have felt it beneath stars
I have felt it in a churchyard and even in some bars
It will make you laugh, make you cry, make your heart go ping
Yeah the spirit, holy spirit will make you shout and want to sing
That the spirit, holy spirit is flowing...

Kumbaya, my lord

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