Feed on me - text

See all the papers that arrive
the heaps of letters that you write
try to grap my soul, to grab my air
unknown smiles I can´t compare
and you don´t, you don´t know if I get
any of the signals that you´ve sent
hey why don´t, why don´t you visite me
and kiss and kiss the things that I can´t see

Feed on me
Feed on me
Feed on me

Yes you guess that they lie to you
start to mistrust all and what they do
listen to my embracing wourds
and drink the poison of my chords
once again you start, you start to run
leave your grey houses
searching for fun

Feed on me
Feed on me
Feed on me

Say that you´ve seen me in my car
and I wished aou fun and more
you were mute
and now you sigh...

Feed on me
Feed on me
Feed on me
Feed on me
Feed on me
Feed on me

Once again you start to run
and I´m sure that you will run
leave your houses your grey houses...
and I´m sure that you can feed on me...

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