Johny Moon - text

Verse 1.
Because you can see, he’s hanging around. He’s got no place to go.
Said story upon this man, buy him a drink and he’ll tell what you want to know.
“I really tell you, I’ll tell you if you buy me more.”
And what I have heard it won’t let me sing it sing it sing it sing it sing it, anymore.

So hear me, everybody listen. I’ve never wanted to let you down.
So here is proper proposition, to hanging around.

Verse 2.
Troubled guy without home, I don’t want to sing it.
Founded drowned in Frisco bay, he don’t want to live it.

Verse 3.
I swear I will never laugh again
but laughter’s helping to it.
Poor Johny what went wrong today,
that you cannot dare to live it .
Poor Johny what went wrong that day,
what let him dare to do it.
I swear I will never laugh again
anyway laughter is helping to it.

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