Dismal King - text

I’m deathless, traveler beyond the gates of time
I’m the sleepless one the dark brother of hypnos
Kingdom of hades is my domicile
Kingdom of shades and… SILENCE!
Beyond the frosted waters of Styx
and dreadful flames of flegethon
Without me, sickness and senility
Would utterly prevail all over the earth.

Soul eater! Eternal king!
Shadow ruler! Dismal king!

In the battlefields, those who were wounded
Would continue to fight
The sick ones and the mutilated, would
Wander around the earth, screaming in agony.

Soul eater! Eternal king!
Shadow ruler! Dismal king!

Starvation would be a reality
Nature would grow without anything to die.
It would be no place on earth
Free from terror.
No mercy for mortals who
Are victims of… TIME!

Text přidal DevilDan

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