Nsale Kolan (aramejská) - text

A beautiful hymn sung by Father Samuel Issa (Abun Deyroyo Samuel Issa). Sung in both syriac and arabic.
If people enjoy this I might add more hymns from him.

Here is the syriac part of the song and the translation. I hope you understand the true message of it. It's hard keeping it when you translate from syriac to english.

Text: Nsalai koolan, wrahmai wahnono men moryo neb'ai
Moryo mrah-mono rahem 'layn w'ada rayn

[Let us all pray and beseech the Lord for kindness and mercy.
Merciful Lord, have mercy upon us and help us.]

Tesh-buhto wtaw-deetho w-hedro wrum-romo tobo dlo botail ameeno-eeth bkhol zban wabkhool 'aidon neshtwai dnaseq

[May we be worthy to raise to You praise, thanksgiving, glory, adoration and never-ceasing good exaltation continually, at all times and in all seasons.]

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