Coptic Christian Night Mass - text

زيدوا المسيح تسبيح من ليلة الصلاة والرجوع إلى الله

Translation of song: Chorus: "Exalt the name of Christ, lift His name up with your songs, call the heroes, His heroes, to walk ahead of you with the cross" ; Say He is risen and death has no power, and there is no forgiveness except through His blood; and the Light of the Gospel is greater; Say he conquered darkness and its power; He brightened our days; and the light of day is greater; Say He conquered His enemies; we conquered by witnessing to Him and by His blood; and our inheritance with Him is greater; live the joy of heaven, as Satan dons the clothes of grief; and our praises are greater

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Koptské (Coptic christmass song)

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