Slèrach - text

1st Verse
These creased pages bear the wisdom
Inherent to the conceited, grim ruins
Of the thirst of the glorious and fearsome
Greatness brings splendour as well as burdens
Net mann, net viighe, habent net mèar gamöcht inkéenan
Se habent sich ghet tzo tüünan.
(Neither man nor beast could run away)
(They had to fight)

Maano, o God of the night
Bestow on our folk your might
Shield the hunter, give ear to our hymn
Cast the dark away from him

2nd Verse
There it was, the foul beast
Its fury was on sight released
This night we sing, as we march to the altar
O gloomy deity won’t you listen to our prayers?

2nd Breakdown
Alles ist gaschécht in an glitz, in an schitta von óoghe-plikhen
(It all happened as fast as lightning)
Lüünar un snèrrar hat sich gahòrrt obarn übar un süschen in voichten
(Screams and growls echoed through the trees)

“Tzùa, èar ist önjar!”
(Come on, he’s ours now!)

Last Chorus
Maano, Gott dar nacht
Mach de ünsarn loite kaif
Hölf ‘me starchen huntar
Pringhe du ‘me ‘s liicht

(Maano, God of the night
Grant our folk your strength
Grant the hunter your strength
Remove the darkness from him)

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