Khéeran Hòam - text

1st Verse
Stillness in our wake
Pure, untrodden plains
A canvas dyed in wintry paints
Immaculate, unstained

Growl Verse
Hailing, storms, dimness and frost
Set all my fears on fire
Anticipation and enjoyment
The thrill of the desire
As my mind strolls back to those days
Of mind consuming moods
I gently wander in my remembrance
And my spirit is renewed

White snowflakes, they fall
Crystal memories of joys
Whispers, I recall
Of the whitest voice

2nd Verse
Torn away are the remains
Of saddened, il- willed cries
A pristine inner warmth I obtain
As my distress now dies

2nd Growl Verse
Breaking all these constant habits
These destructive heavy weights
A recollection of nostalgic
Days colours my grays

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