Burning Skies - text

World torn by famine
Hunger rips deep through our souls
Demise of the Aztecs unfolds
Dark desolation
Shriveling bodies to bones
Driving the desperate need for resolution
Selling our children for food
Circling vultures patrol
Into starvation, into the darkness we go
With no light to lead us
Into abyss of the dead
Burning skies
The land rips open
As earthquakes attack from below
The fall of the Aztecs foretold
The land in darkness
The gods now have covered the sun
Warning us of what’s to
Come forth and conquer
The feathered king waits alone
Suffering visions of blood
He sees the horrors
Dismembered bodies afloat
Prophecies warn us the empire will soon be dead
Burning skies
Look to the sky and see the gods on fire
Reach out, take heed and hear their call
Empire will fall, we see it in the burning skies
The beacon shines strong, a sign to warn us all
They conquer, we die, and breathe our final breath
Empire will fall, we see it in the burning skies
Burning skies

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Fall of the Feathered King

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