Alone - text

Never knowing where I am
never seem to understand
Why everything must end
'cause its killing me
Suffocating til I find
all the way to live my life
Where everything is fine
'cause its killing me
yeah, its killing me

I don't wanna be alone
in this place we all call home
Tired of reaching out in vain
tired of dealing with this hurt
I need something real
something I feel
Because its killing me
slowly growing cold
on my own
I don't wanna be alone

Everything is going numb
everything I love is gone
I'm in need of Someone
'cause its killing me
I don't need a lesson
I need a friend
I must confess I'm near the end
I need to heal
I need to mend
'cause its killing me
yeah its killing me

I don't wanna be alone


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