My Fading Days - text

For my fading days
Stand here right now
It's so far away
I can hear you
I never betray
You who call my name in the edge of memory
For my good old days
I'll get 'em back
Even if i stray
I can trace you
Never betray
You who i can feel
Still breathing in my heart
Is it you?
From inside of me
Something is pushing me up
There's that scent all around me
Grips my heart to wake me up
Just wondering
With my eyes opened
It's so far
Just as i close 'em
It's so close
Never be apart
You're part of me
No one can analyze us
Like a lullaby
I love the beat
My hurts always unite us
Take me to the place
Where we met first time
Where i gave you my word

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