Pleasure In The Darkroom - text

Chilling Satisfaction
Hard On Guaranteed
Membership And Bonus
Fresh Meat Factory
Bony, Wet And Fingered
Fisting Not Denied
Rubber, Oil And Bastards
Cruising In The Night
Good And Evil - No Retreating
It's A Mental War
Lust And Power - Pay By Hour
Fuck The Bloody Law
Pleasure In The Darkroom
A Treasure You Will Find
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Sweat Runs Down The Spine
New Flesh In The Dungeon
Razed Alive And Raw
Skill And Virtuosity
Screaming Out For More
Ménage Extravaganza
Dirty Privacy
Alive Or Dead Or Animal
Nothing Comes For Freev Good And Evil, …
Pleasure In The Darkroom, …
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Pay The Bloody Whore
Pleasure In The Darkroom
Screaming Out For More

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