Heavy Rain - text

Nothing could prepare me for the truth
How could I believe, I hope I was of use
Didn't realise I'd played the fool
You were the devil in disguise
Your poison made me die

You're like heavy rain
Always feels the same
You're like a dagger in the night
You always make a lie
Out of everything
You're like heavy rain
You bring a tear to my eye
I wish that you would fly back into heavy rain

Bleeding from the arrow to my heart
You did the dirty deed, you tore my soul apart
Left me like an addict in the dust
You crawled inside my skin
You left me cold and crushed

[Repeat Chorus]

The future is not so bright
I'll have to learn to flgnt
The likes of you
I'll find an open road
And bear this heavy load from you

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Videa přidali Geralt, loveTill


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