Tommy Koweys Car - text

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
There's A Motor Store At The Top Of Hylton Road
You Go There For Little Bits N Pieces For Your Car
And In The Office There Sits A Secretary She's Got
Long Blonde Hair,
Mr. Tommy Kowey Fancies Her

I Saw Her In Tommy Kowey's Car
I Saw Her In Tommy Kowey's Car
In Tommy Kowey's Car

At The Motor Store He Was There Last Tuesday Night
With Her I Saw, They Were Kissin At The Factory Door
But She Still Tells Me, There Is Nothing Going On
With Us You See It Was Tommy Kowey's Wife You Saw.

At The Motor Store Mr. Tommy Kowey’s Gotta
Jag-U-Ar She's Never Been In It She Says Before
But Now She Tells Lies, She Was Havin Dinner Out
The Other Night And She Went In Tommy Kowey's Car

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