Melancholy Margaret - text

Nobby Was A Soldier
A Life In The Army
Margaret’s Back Home Alone
Waiting Suspiciously
She Can't Hide The Misery
The Upset & Despair
When She Found Out Nobby
Had Been Having It Off Elsewhere

There's Eric & There's Robby
& There's Derrick & There's Bobby
They Gave Her The Elbow
There's Harry & There's Willy
& There's Barry & There's Billy Also

Who’s That Then?

Woe Is Me, I'm Melancholy Margaret
I Fret Coz They Leave Me
God Help Me I'm Melancholy, Duhhh

Tommy Was A Driver
He Worked On The Buses
"I've Got Some Overtime To Do"
This Is What He Says
But Margaret Wasn't Having It
She Searched High & Low
But Tommy's Gone He's Neckin' On
In The Back Of The Bus Depot

There's Ronnie & There's Kenny
& There's Donny & There's Denny
They Gave Her The Elbow
There's Ronnie & There's Timmy
& There's Micky & There's Jimmy Also

Who’s That Then?

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