Martys mam - text

Martys mam forever smiling, she would always grin
Every time we called around to see if martys in
Martys mam would answer the door and with a smiling face
We remember martys mam, the world was a better place.

Seems like only yesterday, marty turned to me to say
What could i do if me mam ever passed away?

On the night martys mam died
In a mess, as you can guess,
Martys in a mess ,but what can we do?
Martys mortified
To get him through, we don’t have a clue
Just what can we do? Marty

Ya may be glum, ya may be down, like i always am
But you’ll be fine with a bottle o’ wine and word with martys mam
Feeling blue not long ago, i gave marty a call
And once i spoke with martys mam, i didn't feel blue at all.

Never a moan and never a groan, never melancholy
Forever and ever in martys memory

On the night martys mam died…..

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