Lazy sunday afternoon - text

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Get On With My Neighbours
But They Make It Very Clear They've Got No Room For Ravers

Lazy Sunday Afternoon
I Got No Time To Worry
I Close My Eyes & Drift Away

Here We All Are Sittin' In A Rainbow
Cor Blimy 'Allo Mrs. Jones, How's Your Berts Lumbago'

Diddly May...

I'll Sing You A Song With No Words & No Tune
Sing In Your Party While You Suss Out The Moon

Roody Doody Do, Roody Doody Di Day
Roody Doody Dum A Reedy Deedy Do Dee

There's No One To Hear Me, There's Nothing To Say
& No One Can Stop Me From Feeling This Way

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