Dirty doreen - text

Dirty doreen, what a pong, £2 pungent perfume on, ooee
O.a.p in stilettos, a fossil on the pill i chose, for me

She’s an obscene, indecent, wrinkly, shes ancient…..

Doreen doesn't care
I cannot take one more granny in a thong dor
Een doesn't care
Zimmer framed fat flirt, what’s her name? That's dir

Dirty doreen, am i mad? She’s the oldest hag ive had, its true!
A senior citizen i saw, a slapper pushing 84, aaoo

She’s an obscene…..
Doreen, doreen.

Dirty doreen she prefers shopping at ann summers, ooee
False teeth and a vibrator lay beyond the bedroom door, for me

Shes an obscene……

Dirty doreen …..

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