Daveys days - text

Davey, Wakes Wearing A Frown, He Knows That She's Around
Hes In His Dressin' Gown, Down & Davey
Davey, Dreams Of Days Gone By, Makes Davey Wanna Cry
He Weeps And Wonders Why

Since He Tied The Knot, It's What Davey Got
Wife Of Woe, All Aggro

Why, Why, Why, Why, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
She Makes Davey's Days So Blue
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
These Days Of Davey's, Davey's,
These Days Of Davey's These, Davey's
Days Of Davey's

Davey, Davey's Days Are Days So Glum, How Did Davey Be So Dumb
What The Bleedin' Eck's Become Of Davey
Davey, The Memories Of What He Had, Make Davey Discontent And Sad
A Lost And Lonely Lad

Since He Tied The Knot ...

Dave The Nut Made A Big Mistake, When He Cut The Wedding Cake
We All Said At Your Peril, But Davey Wed A She Devil

Monday ...
His Days Were Gone, The Gormless Goon, When He Went On His Honeymoon
Grief And Pains, Davey Says, Is What Remains Of Davey's Days

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