Carol Dodds is pregnant - text

Carol Dodds Ahooo Is A Girl
She Was Always Happ
Ee But Now It's Crap For Her She's Met Keith
Carol Dodds Ahooo's In A Whirl
She Thinks Keith Is Good
But I Knew He Would Leave Her

She Is Getting Fat Her Belly's Got A Lump In It
Keith Must Have Done That, You Never See Him Now
Poor Carol Does Beg Keith Back Coz She's Preg
Nant Carol Dodds Is Preeeeeeegnant

Carol Dodds Ahoo's Getting Sick
She Does Want Keith Much
Even Just To Touch Him Would Make Her Feel Good
Carol Dodds Ahoo Needs Love Quick
She Just Wants To Be
Next To Keith You See To Satisfy Her

Carol Dodds Ahoo Misses Keith
She's Finding It Tough
Though Keith Is A Scruff She Loves Him Madly
Carol Dodds Ahoo's Lost Belief
She Told Him She's Pregnant
But Keith Just Went Frant, Ic He Upped And Left Her

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