Blaze of the borough - text

Jimmy's Running Short O' Cash,
The Bar Takings Have Took A Crash
Jimmy Can't Think What To Do
The Bills In From The Local Breweryyyy Oi!

Jim's A Nutcase Round The Twist
Jimmy Is An Arsonist
Jimmy Thinks Nowt Of The Cost & Sets
Alight To His Own Hosterlryyyyy

Flames Grow High
In The Blaze Of The Borough Jimmy Fried
In The Blaze Of The Borough
The Blaze Of The Borough

Windows Cracked & Bottles Broke
The Bar & Lounge Were Full O' Smoke
Things Would Soon Look Bright N' Sunny When
Jim Claims The Insurance Money Back Oi!
Jimmy's A Crackpot, He Forgot
He Was Trapped Inside, The Clot
A Ring Of Flames With Jimmy In The Middle
He'd Cocked Up His Insurance Fiddleoo

Flames Grow High, Flames Grow High
In The Borough Ohhhhh Jimmy Fried
Oh Yes He Fried, In The Borough Ohhhhh

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