Back In 79 - text

Just Like We Had Ffffeared
The Mates We Had Have All Disappeared
Nicky, Flip, Paul, Fat Bob And Ted
They All Done A Bunk & All Got Wed
Out With The Lads For A Laugh And A Beer
Those Days Are No Longer 'Ere
With A Lump In Yer Throat & A Shiver Down Yer Spine

They're The Memories Of 1979

Wooooooooooo That's Where We Wanna Be
Wooooooooooo That's Where We Wanna Be
Back In '79

Flip A Punk Sssuddenly Aged
He Sold His Leather Jacket Just To Get Engaged
Bobby Was A Skinhead, But Bobby's Hair Grew
All For A Bird Who Made Him Bbblue
We Never Thought We’d See The Day
Teddy With A Missus In The Family Way
Oh What Went Wrong? Things Were Just Fine,

So Take Me Back To 1979

Freddie Was A Free Bloke Fffull O' Life
Now Freddie Is A Bag O' Misery With A Wife
Everynight George Hit The Town
By 8'o Clock Now He's In His Dressing Gown
They Ain't The Lads We Knew Before
You Don't See Them Down The Pub No More
They're Discontented Mates O' Mine
Who Wanna Be Back In 1979

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