A bunch ofairies - text

Kick His Head, Smash His Face & Do A Bunk With His Brief Case
Shoplifting For A Lark, Walk On The Grass In The Park
In The Restaurant Loads O' Nosh, Stuff Yer Face & Leave No Dosh
We Are Skint But We're Alright, A Different Burglary Each Night

No Little Blue Light, There's Not A Copper In Sight No More

You Can Commit Any Crime You Please
You Won't Get Nicked In Sunderland, The Coppers Are Softies
They Hide When There's A Thief Or Rogue At Large
When They Get Hit They Run & Tell The Sarge... A Bunch O' Fairies

Rob A Bank, Get Some Bread Or Be A Pickpocket Instead
A Torch A Swag Bag With A Crow Bar, Getaway In A Stolen Car
Break In To The Town Hall, Spray Graffiti On The Wall
If You're Drunk And Disorderly, Then Sunderland's The Place To Be

You Won't Get Me, Down Wearside Constabulary

Run Buck Naked In The Street, There Ain't A Bobby On The Beat
Raid The Local Jewelry Store, No One To Stop You Break The Law

The Bobby's Get Sore, But There's No Constables Round Here No More

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