Voices - text

I hear... the dead
voices inside my head
return... again

Insomnia - no sleep
voices are with me
and they scream unbearably

MURDER - the only way
they need more blood with alarming rate
thank god there's more to kill and rape
the only way they'll go away

I dwell in my destiny
to live a life in lunacy
murder... murder
kill now or hear the...


something is wrong with me
i see dreams I shouldn't see
i get no rest or a silent night
without a dead body by my side

yet, I hail my legacy
to walk knee deep through depravity
old school torture and sex
with bodies I now detest

my soul has been erased
felt it crumble every day
I call this a fair trade
the void of sounds will soon remain
the void of sounds will soon remain

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