Twenty five minutes - text

They're building the gallows outside my cell,
I got twenty-five minutes to go.
The whole town's waiting to hear me yell,
I got twenty-four minutes to go.
Well, I tried the governor and the whole damn bunch,
I got twenty-three minutes to go.
And I tried the mayor, but the mayor's out to lunch,
I got twenty-two minutes to go.
They've given me beans for my last meal,
I got twenty-one minutes to go.
Nobody's asked me how I feel,
I got twenty minutes to go.
Well, the sheriff said he's gonna watch me die,
I got nineteen minutes to go.
Well, I spit in his face, and I spit in his eye,
I got eighteen minutes... to go.
Well, the preacher's come to save my soul,
I got thirteen minutes to go.
Well, he's talking about burnin' but I feel cold,
I got twelve minutes to go.
Well, they're testing the trap, it chills my spine,
I got eleven minutes to go.
Well, the trap and the rope are both working fine,
I got ten minutes to go.
I'm waiting for the pardon that will set me free,
I got nine minutes to go.
But nobody's remembered me,
I got eight more minutes to go.
Well, I've seen the mountains and the sky,
I got five minutes to go.
And they're so pretty, I don't wanna die,
I got four more minutes to go.
Well, my feet are in the trap, my neck is in the noose,
I got three minutes to go.
Oh, will somebody please cut me loose,
I got two more minutes to go.
Well, I heard the buzzards, I've seen the crows,
I got one minute to go.
And now I'm swinging, and here I go,
I go, I go, I gchchchch...

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