Heaven to Hell - text

I thought I'd be happy in heaven
I thought it would be swell
I thought I'd be happy in heaven
In fact I'm as unhappy as hell
The harps, they all bore me
St. Peter's jokes are a farce
The angels look down their noses
because I'm from a different class
St. Mathews discovered religion
He converts people every day
Whenever he gets near me
I tell him to go away
St. Christopher, I've been rude to him
I told him what he could do with his staff
I told him where he could stick it
And he didn't laugh
Only old Mary is good'un
Yeah, she's a good sort
She's generous with everyone
She's a good sport
And God, he's a miserable bastard
He's always making up rules
I'm terribly disillusioned
I think he's a silly old fool
Jesus, he plays the guitar
He sings like Joni Mitchell
I thought I'd be happy in heaven
But in fact I'm unhappy as hell

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