The Hunt - text

Crawl in the dark
In the blackest, coldest night,
As this game is cursed and damned,
We'll play together.
"Don't trust your friends and run,
'cause there's no one on your side,
If you try to cheat on these rules,
You'll die".

"You're asking too much, sir,
My will to obey is not that strong,
Right tonight I'll show you,
How I'll take up on..."

"In the name of my freedom I'll kill you tonight,
And I'll leave the pain behind."

"Legions of Nightmares",
"Go and bring me his head,
I will laugh on your arrogance and I will not die,
Not Tonight!"

"No, not a leaf will shake tonight,
Till your tyranny won't stop".

Facing Treachery.

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