6 Feet Under - text

I don't even know where to begin
These walls that I built are wearing thin

I'm lost now more than ever
Trying to keep it all together
Wondering if you see my heart breaking
This is never what I wanted
Trying to finish what I started
But my purpose feels like it's fading

I'm hanging on by a thread, I'm six feet under
Trying to be bright but my light gets covered
Only you can turn my ember to a flame (under)
I'm stumbling in the dark ‘cause I'm six feet under
Trying to see the sun but my eyes are covered
Only you can make the darkness go away
I'm six feet under, I'm six feet under

Night as far as my eyes can see
I'm alive but not really living

I know with you I'm alive
I know with you I'm alive

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Science Fiction

Jonathan Thulintexty

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