This Is Who I am - text

I'm the son of a good man
I'm the child of an angel
I'm the brother of a wild one
And I'm looking for direction

I'm the lover of a beauty
I'm a father of blessings
I'm a singer of a love song
But is that all I'm good for?

This is who I am
This is who I am
So take me and make me something so much more
This is who I am
This is who I am
So change me and make me somone better than before

I'm a saint and a sinner
I'm a lover and a fighter
I'm a true believer
With Great desire
I'm a preacher of grace
Profit of love
Teacher of truth
I've fallen down so many times
But Here I stand in front of you
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Take Me as I am
But please don't leave me that way
Because I know that you can
Make me better than I am today

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