I've Suffered A Head Injury - text

vanilla ice man cometh, goeth
sampling, dealing, music stolen
to pre-pubescent girls appealing
re-mix record contract sealing
borrowed lyrics sung with feeling slumping
record sales are healing
concert hall promoters kneeling
keeping grateful deadheads reeling
quite supressed yet quite revealing
influence is far from stealing
i've suffered a head i've suffered a head injury
i've suffered a head i've suffered a head injury
techno-pop kids, stardom's rockets
money in their label's pocket
unrelentless, thoughtless selling
busting charts, atop they're dwelling
lacking substance story telling
lost the message in this yelling
robbing fortunes from the willing
endless posing, mindless chilling
plastic icing airtime filling
instigating art-rock killing
(repeat chorus)

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I've Suffered A Head Injury

The Verve Pipetexty

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