Carry my body - text

Carry my body
On down to the station
Bury me slowly

Under my favourite tree
Don't take me to the graveyard
Or the churches by the faint stars
Bury me slowly
Where I belong.
She went to see the woodsman
Well she's been down that road once before
Well this is it for certain
This is it for certain
This time her heart ain't going through that door
She bought???
And watched the trees sway back and forth through the wind
She said "It's my turn for irony,"
"Well I'm gonna leave in the same box you put me in."
She said "Carry my body"
"On down to the station"
"Bury me slowly"
"Under my favourite tree"
"Don't take me to the graveyard"
"Or the churches by the faint stars"
"Bury me slowly"
"Where I belong."

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